Diesel and Sex Toys: the fashion giant in the pleasure market

Diesel and Sex Toys: the fashion giant in the pleasure market


diesel sex toys lelo

We all know Diesel and his people
celebri jeans.
We all remember the legendary "Be Stupid" campaign.
Diesel continues to amaze with a partnership in the name of sensuality.

Diesel has in fact entered the sex toys market with a strategic partnership with Lelo: Stockholm-based player specializing in luxury adult items
with which Diesel has created a co-branded capsule of devices aimed at sexual well-being.
The Otb brand has created a limited edition collection that aims to "open wide the doors of sexual liberation", as explained on the website of Lelo.

"We believe - explains Lelo - that sexuality is the recipe for a successful life: a key to our state of well-being. And our mission is to ignite a spark and turn your everyday into something special. Find out what excites you with these must-have accessories that will paint your world a rebellious and sensual red. "

diesel sex toys lelo

Even Diesel had already dealt, albeit indirectly, with sexuality.
A theme repeatedly addressed by the brand that has already played with the subject and made sexual allusion a distinctive feature of its advertising campaigns, as in the case of spring 2021 in which eight couples were photographed by Cheryl Dunn.
The "When Together" line set out to show a series of couples of different origins, sexual orientations and ages celebrating their love (strictly dressed in denim jeans) after being deprived of their physical connection due to the pandemic.

The collection of Diesel and Lelo sex toys includes the clitoral massager Sona Cruise and the couples ring Tor 2.
Both made in Diesel's triple scarlet shade.

On the first, for sale at 120 €, there is the message "All I need is a charge".
The second, however, has the phrase "Turn me on" and is available at a cost of 150 €.

Making a further nod to Diesel's irreverent approach to communication, the brand has created a new version of its slogan "For sex-ful living", which is written on the packaging.

This Diesel branded sex toy project is also added to a very successful rebranding project under the visionary guidance of the creative director Glenn Martens who has rebuilt the lost success looking to the future with community building strategies in Web 3.0.

diesel sex toys lelo

The brand has also recently launched the line
D:VERSE, that is a series of unique and limited editions in NFT of the iconic pieces of the show, as well as garments, sneakers and physical accessories, as well as a platform through which NFT DIESEL holders will be able to meet through a private Discord channel, access lottery discounts , free launches, more wearables in the Metaverso and news regarding the new games and projects that DIESEL will continue to build for its community.

diesel sex toys lelo

What Lelo is doing for the sexual wellness industry, Diesel has done for the fashion industry, and together they are boldly claiming that fashion and sex go hand in hand.

«Our partnership with Diesel is the perfect union between fashion and sex-tech and highlights that sexual well-being is an integral part of our daily life. Just like a pair of jeans ", conclude Luka Matutinović.


In short: Diesel, sex toys and Metaverse.
What more could we ask for?

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