The history of the miniskirt: a timeless trend

The history of the miniskirt: a timeless trend

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Born as a symbol of female emancipation, the mini-skirt has established itself as one of the most loved trends in history by all women.
The mini-skirt has for years become a real symbol of emancipation that has marked the history of fashion and female rebellion.

It is no coincidence that the liberation of women's legs has profoundly marked an era, becoming a real global phenomenon.

The invention of the miniskirt dates back to 1963 when it appeared for the first time in the historic London shop "Bazaar" thanks to Mary Quant, a British designer who said "It was the way to invent the miniskirt".

Despite having now turned 50, the miniskirt has managed to keep its image of timeless freshness and timeliness intact.
The story of this garment tells the path of women's emancipation and how social values and aesthetic taste have changed over the course of history.

The strong desire for change, the assertion of rights and the need for practical and economical clothing made this garment become the most discussed and representative of the 1900s, an era in which we can see in every modification of the miniskirt a change in the values of the aesthetic sense of society. This small, sensual, very short piece of fabric has become the spokesperson for everything that is a symbol of woman in clothing, bringing with it a strong connotation of social change.



The subsequent popularity of the miniskirt is also due to other designers and the media who facilitated its rise not only in everyday wear, but also in elite fashion.

Standard bearer of this garment was without any doubt Twiggy, a skinny teenage model, who became a symbol of the young avant-gardists who tore apart the idea of a curvy woman and mother. Twiggy helped make the mini-skirt the undisputed trend of the moment.

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In the 1970s la miniskirt again became the subject of criticism, but this time by the same feminist movement. In fact, it went from a symbol of freedom and emancipation to being considered a garment still linked to the idea of the "woman object".


However, despite the criticisms, the success of this garment did not seem to wane. We review it in the
80s in version "rah rah skirt", a more comfortable and opaque skirt, no longer adherent as in the first years of its birth.

The 90's they were instead the period in which skirts returned to be included in the fashion collections. Let's talk about Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Gianni Versace. There were so many houses which helped to make it back in vogue.

Even today the miniskirt has not yet left the scene.

mini gonna storia

It remains a legend in all its variations: in leather, lace, jersey or jeans. IS also become a must have to the point that in 2015 a real world day of the miniskirt was established, which falls every 6 June. Rachid Ben Othman, president of the League in defense of Laicity and Freedom, and the feminist activist Najet Bayoudh wanted her, in protest against a discriminatory act against an Algerian student, who had been prevented from taking an exam for her skirt deemed too short.

Today every woman has the right and the freedom to wear it whenever she wants and on any occasion.


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