Sex Toys: 3 Benefits for the couple

Sex Toys: 3 Benefits for the couple

sex toys benefici per la coppia

First of all, let's dispel a myth: you are not the only couple who want to use sex toys.
In fact, it turns out that as many as 43% of couples are interested in using them to revive sexuality a little.

Basically: you are in good company!

Often couples are reluctant to use sex toys.
The common objections are always

"What do I need them for?"
"But I have my partner!"
"It would be like a betrayal!"

We understand well, therefore, that there is a real "taboo" on the subject for which even just talking about it becomes difficult.

sex toys coppia benefici

So why are couples so reluctant to introduce sex toys into their sex life?
This comes from a prejudice inherent in our culture so men feel their manhood threatened by the use of an object that "could replace them".

Obviously it is an unfounded fear: the qualities of a man are manifold (in and out of the sheets) and there is nothing wrong with using an object to have fun as a couple.
And then think about it: a man who pleases his partner ... how could he be seen as "less manly"?
The important is win the war: the color of the horse doesn't matter!

The stigma related to the use of sex toys is also linked to the publicity that was made of them in previous years.
Until a few years ago, marketing was in fact aimed at a niche of people and not at all couples who could be interested.
This has influenced the general perception of the use of sex toys by associating them not with normal couples, but relegating them to "special" and "particular" uses.
Vulgar advertisements based on the objectification of women clearly painted a not very "friendly" picture for people who did not share that kind of values.

We must also consider i used materials.
Years ago, when today's adult couples lived their first sexual experiences, sex toys were produced with poor materials today replaced entirely by medical silicone.

sex toys nella coppia

But now let's talk about the 3 benefits deriving from the use of sex toys within the couple.

1. Reach orgasm!

You must know that 87% of women fail to reach orgasm through penetration.
Simply, nature has distributed the pleasure points in other areas (ie on the clitoris) and we have to adapt.

By inserting a sex toy in the life of a couple we will therefore have the pleasure given by the penetration combined with that given by the stimulation (through sex toy) of the clitoris giving a more fulfilling relationship for both!

2. Increase intimacy and intensity

Our pleasure is in fact often connected to a mental stimulation and not only purely "mechanical".
Combining that part of pleasure given by simple penetration with greater visual stimulation can only make the relationship more satisfying in general.

3. Renew the couple relationship

The third benefit is that, thanks to sex toys, couples will be able to overcome barriers and of habits built over the years going to discover a new complicity and a new opening on a communicative level.


I sex toys they are therefore not a field to be left unexplored, but they are an opportunity to find complicity and intimacy discovering a rich, clean environment that can give a spicy kick to some habits.

Always remember: communicated!
Ask your partner what they like, ask what you like and experience together!

The sex toy is not an enemy of the couple relationship but is, on the contrary, a ally that allows us to feel more pleasure and to try it together.

On the other hand we are talking about "adult toys"... and toys are made to play, aren't they?


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