Alive - Arrow Anal Beads
Alive - Arrow Anal Beads
Alive - Arrow Anal Beads
Alive - Arrow Anal Beads

Alive - Arrow Anal Beads

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Arrow by Adrien Lastic are the palline was perfect for your first time. Their large and handy handle double ring guarantees a comfort and complete control during penetration anal.

The compact shape, just 11 cm insertable length, and the increasing order of the balls, which go from a maximum diameter of 3 cm to a minimum diameter of 1.7, make Arrow a 
anal toy safe, playful and not very threatening.

Insert even just the first ball for just a hint of stimulation 
yearprostate And perineum it will be a source of irrepressible pleasure, to the point that it will be quite natural to pass from the first to the second and finally to the third and last ball. The body of the anal beads is 100% flexiblesoft and safe on the skin, seeing is believing!


  • Silicone
  • Measurements: 17 cm x 3 cm

- Pacco 100% anonimo
- Garanzia su prodotto di 2 anni
- Materiali certificati
- Pagamento sicuro

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