Lelo - TIANI 24k ™ Deep Rose Couple Massager
Lelo - TIANI 24k ™ Deep Rose Couple Massager
Lelo - TIANI 24k ™ Deep Rose Couple Massager
Lelo - TIANI 24k ™ Deep Rose Couple Massager

Lelo - TIANI 24k ™ Deep Rose Couple Massager

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Abandon yourself to ecstasy.

Embellished with a 24-karat gold ring, this vibrating massager for couples enhances the sensations of both during lovemaking.

With a 24-karat gold ring with laser engraved serial number and a new design with two motors for double the power, TIANI 24k ™ makes any sensual encounter special, unforgettable and precious.

As a symbol of your dedication to pleasure, TIANI 24k ™ features a gold ring embossed with a unique serial number.

Designed to be worn by women during intercourse, the powerful vibrations - adjustable with a remote control using SenseMotion ™ technology - multiply the sensations of both partners. The small form of soft silicone gives more satisfying sensations to her and more intensity to him and has a flexibility that allows it to adapt to all physical conformations.

The exclusive LELO SenseMotion ™ technology allows you to change the sensations during intercourse through the movements of the remote control. Double the power and 3x the wireless range increase your gaming possibilities even further.

TIANI 24k ™ is designed to be used with the thinnest arm inside the vagina while the thicker part rests on the outside on the clitoris. The best way to fix it is to insert it before joining your partner.

Small enough not to be invasive, yet capable of vibrations that are transmitted to both partners, TIANI 24k ™ can be used in all of your favorite positions, although many find missionary to be the best way to start.

TIANI 24k ™ does not have to be shared with your partner, you can also use it alone!
Try inserting it into your vagina and combining it with your favorite vibrator.


  • Material: silicone and ABS
  • Black colour.
  • Waterproof.
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Remote controls with SenseMotion ™ technology allow users to create new vibrations by tilting the remote: 8 vibration patterns (6 standard, 2 motion sensitive) can be controlled and adjusted with and without the remote.

- Pacco 100% anonimo
- Garanzia su prodotto di 2 anni
- Materiali certificati
- Pagamento sicuro

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